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we're not critics. we're gamers.

We don't play games on day one. We're about the sales, GOTY and doing playthroughs.

We review like we're chatting down the pub and love rediscovering, replaying, retro-gaming and 'giving it another go.' 

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Wolfenstein Youngblood

Rage 2


Assassin's Creed Odyssey

Gears 5

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare

Borderlands 3

Far Cry 5

Championship Manager 01/02 - Part 1:
The European Dream

Ghostbusters Remastered

Reviews by play-style, series and vague excuse to play... 

Blast from the Past

As good as we remember?


Call of Duty

Complete CoD playthrough


Rage Quit

Life's too short for some games


Assassin's Creed

Every Assassin played & rated

Assassin's Creed® Brotherhood2019-3-3-12

The Doom Era

Doom and all that it inspired



BJ before and after

WolfOldBlood_x64 2019-08-04 13-37-11-23.

Far Cry

All the different Cry lands

Far Cry® New Dawn2019-2-18-11-37-54.jpg

Championship Manager

An epic 01/02 playthrough


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