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previous weapon was born out of us wasting as much time talking about games as playing them. it's about games you might have missed, spotted in the sales or just wondered if someone had the same opinion you did. we rinse games and write experience-based opinions not day-one reviews cobbled from a few hours play at a publisher’s swanky office.

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top 5 fave games; AC Black Flag, Oblivion, Bioshock, Borderlands, NOLF

top 5 hated games; ME Andromeda, Batman AK, CoD WWII, Doom, Fallout4

honourable mentions; Mass Effect trilogy, Soma, Gone Home

retro fave; Blood

guilty pleasure; Saints Row 4

pissed off at; Tomb Raider's death scenes, lockpicking in Bethesda games

still needs to finish; The Witcher series

In his spare time FBT likes to annoy his girlfriend by gaming too much and uses Previous Weapon to justify even more gaming.

He also wrote Taking Mickey, an e-book available on Amazon. He'd like it if you bought it, to prove to his girlfriend that wasn't a waste of time too.


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top 5 fave games; Day of the Tentacle, Mass Effect 2, GTA: VC, KOTOR, & Championship Manager 01/02

top 5 hated games; Duke Nukem Forever, Duke Nukem Forever, Duke Nukem Forever, Duke Nukem Forever & Duke Nukem Forever

honourable mentions; Final Fantasy VII, FIFA ‘98

retro fave; Total Annihilation

guilty pleasure; Goat Simulator

pissed off at; Oblivion’s incurable Vampirism, Fallout 4’s character-killing bug

still needs to finish; Borderlands (much to FBT’s annoyance!)


TheMorty is a former frontman who was once described by Mick Jagger as being “synonymous with rock ‘n’ roll” – well, Michael Jagger, the landlord of his local cricket club. When he’s not gaming, TheMorty is trying to build his career as a professional wind-up merchant. He doesn’t write books, mainly because he doesn’t read them. Why spend hours flicking through a dead tree when you could be virtually chopping them down?

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