Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6 is set on an island like 3, ruled by a despot like 4, in gameplay like 5… with a dash of Watch Dogs, a shake of Assassin’s Creed and a splash of Ubisoft piss-take...

Years after a rebellion toppled the Yara government, throwing the island into an economic and social decline, President Castillo is voted-in on a promise to turn around the island’s fortunes. He claims Yara’s only export, tobacco, can be processed into a Cancer treatment, catching the eye of Western investors and bringing much needed funds to the island… to keep the process running, poorer Yarans are forced to cultivate the now valuable crop. As Castillo’s grip tightens, a new rebellion rises.

After being a silent hero in the last two Far Cry’s, this time we’re Dani Rojas, a spunky Yaran ex-soldier who begrudgingly joins the rebellion trying to overthrow Castillo by uniting various factions. Dani is a lot of fun, forced to do all the work when all she wanted was to escape to Miami, and she maintains a laconic, bemused commentary (her best line is when she’s struggling up a mountain while goats prance by: ‘Goats, fucking show-offs’). But as she sees and learns more, Dani becomes committed - while we get comfortable.

Except this time, it might finally be one cry too far. Far Cry always felt like Deja-vu, but this time I have definitely been here before and it’s not just a repeat of past glories. There’s wholesale lifting from everything in Ubisoft’s library, and it’s galling when you consider the Ultimate Edition cost an eye-watering £99.99. There’s nothing here that you haven’t done elsewhere. And when it’s not reskinning, it’s ripping off; the whole concept and plot feels like Just Cause (least it’s not as bad as Just Cause 4) and there’s even some misplaced jokey weapons, missions and dialogue that feel Saint’s Row. I really feel like Che wielding a weapon that fires CDs playing Macarena. Dani even sings along to the radio; cute, but not a patch on The Boss and Pierce’s duets and there’s a backpack filled with outrageous perks which replenishes on the ‘blood of your enemies’… It often feels gimmicky and silly, as if we’re supposed to be in on the joke of falling for FC for the sixth time.

Meanwhile, the gameplay feels FC1; when areas refresh, they restart the same scripts - I saved the same local from a soldier 6 times just by circling around. Troops I’d just