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Far Cry New Dawn

FBT plays the first ever FC sequel. Well, technically they’re all sequels. *Spoilers for Far Cry 5. As a playthrough review, this also includes a rant at the end that ruins this game too*

Seventeen years after Joseph was proven right and the world was decimated in a nuclear war, ‘The Captain’ (us) and a handyman called Rush visit communities like a spec-ops Make-Over show, helping to build settlements. We’re headed for ‘Prosperity’, a commune in Hope County when we’re attacked by ‘The Highwaymen’, led by twin sisters Mickey and Lou who want to strip-mine Hope County. They kidnap Rush while we get shoved off a cliff like the opening to FC Primal. We’re recovered by a local and taken back to Prosperity to help rebuild, recover Rush and ward off the twins.

In many ways, FCND is the most blatant rip-off of the series yet. It’s the same map and characters as FC5; it’s an unapologetic reskin, and they’re not even apologising for charging upwards of 40 quid on release? This is less than a DLC! I should rage quit on principle, but largely due to how much I got into FC5, I’m glad to be back and finish the job.

The setting is brilliant; rather than Fallout’s desolate look, ND is vibrant and in the midst of a rebirth. With us out of the way, nature is having a party. It’s like a cartoon Fallout. Hang on, that’s Borderlands. And there’s Mad Max vibes. And every other post-apocalypse game. Okay, it’s not original but as a companion to FC5 this is the first time we’ve played the apocalypse before and after.

The Highwaymen have set up bases as they pillage, which means Outposts. There’s only a few of them but The Highwaymen are dug in and don’t give up easily. Just wounding a Highwaymen causes them to start yelling which alerts the others, they have dogs with suicide vests, call in reinforcements at the first sign of trouble - which drop in from choppers (shoot the parachutes) and there’s loads of armoured ones. It’s a real tough call to beat Outposts now, and that’s just the beginning.

Once you’ve run off the Highwaymen, you can leave it under Prosperity control, giving you a safe area and fast-travel location, or strip it yourself then abandon it. The Highwaymen move back in and up their security and numbers, leaving you the option to take it again for more supplies. It’s blatant padding and removes the feeling that you’re progressing but it’s also more realistic, and better than FC4’s frustrating ‘outpost is under attack’ moments. There’s 3 levels of increasing difficulty, then it’s just something to do if you need a materials bump.

And you need those materials. Since the original goal was establish Prosperity you need everything you can get. Old buildings also have the various items we need so we just strike out and start digging. The Highwaymen are doing the same thing so we’ve constantly squabbling over some duct tape, and interactions with them usually wind up with fire everywhere, dead followers and your car gone. I just built that. The apocalypse is hard work. What are they doing with all this duct tape?

Gimme that Duct tape

It’s a nice little barter system they have going though; there’s no money so copper wiring can be swapped for bullets and so on. The biggest commodity is Ethanol which you get from taking the Outposts and other missions. You have several areas that need improving such as weapon benches, a hospital and so on, upgrading those makes your life easier and strengthens Prosperity. Obviously, each time you do, the twins get antsy.