Jurassic World Evolution vs. Jurassic Park Operation Genesis

It’s a cliché, but boys love dinosaurs. FBT and TheMorty agree on that. What they didn’t agree on was the best dinosaur. Those are grown-ass men.

TheMorty – Ah, Jurassic Park. A ground-breaking movie that has spawned a series of bang-average sequels… and games. Trespasser?! Tuvok? Even the first Jurassic Park game on the Sega Genesis was just Aladdin reskinned with an 8-bit Sam Neill.

FBT – Funny you mention Genesis, when Jurassic World Evolution came out, I instantly flashed back to Jurassic Park Operation Genesis. Evolution is just a rip-off reboot like that Jurassic World nonsense. Genesis, like Park, is a classic.

TM – Genesis was great but, just like the fossils who played it at the time, it’s ancient. What I want to see is a giant Triceratops poking it’s horns out of my screen in all its 4K glory.

FBT – Did you just call me a fossil? I knew you’d be the standard Triceratops fan, the Michael Bolton of the dinosaurs. It was such a pretender; it wasn’t even around in the Jurassic period. For me it was the Stegosaurus, the Sid Vicious of the Jurassic.

TM – Cretaceous… Jurassic… Punk… they’re all ancient. In a management sim, realism counts. Evo has the edge, it’s not a trillion years old like Genesis. Okay, how’s about this. You do Genesis, I do Evolution, first to have an open park with their favourite animal wins.

FBT – Cute, but let’s go big. King of the Lizards - first to create a T-Rex is crowned King.

TM – The T-Rex? You mean that famous dinosaur from the late Cretaceous period...? Who’s the pretender now? Okay, I’ll humour you… You’re on.

FBT – Genesis is old. It’s not aged well, but it runs. I don’t need hyper graphics to start humming the Jurassic Park theme. When those doors open, I’m John Hammond.

TM – Evolution looks amazing but for some reason I’ve employed Jeff Goldblum to constantly warn me what a mistake I’m making. We’re not talking cool, Lost Word Goldblum either… I’ve got Independence Day Goldblum… sooooo annoying. I hired Science, Entertainment and Security departments but I can’t make everyone happy. Marketing are furious that I’ve increased the research budget and the numberbods can’t stand that unnatural, purple stegosaurus I just commissioned. I can’t win!